Velo-Retro. If it’s old and relates to bicycles, you’ll probably find it here.
Velobase. Bicycle parts data base.
The Classic Fuji Bike Site. Identify Fuji bikes by serial number and model.
Classic Rendezvous. A terrifically comprehensive cycle history resource.
The Bicycle Info Project. Some vintage info here.
Abberance Bikes. Some photo and specification resources here.
Bicycle Paper. Bicycling news and articles.
Sheldon Brown. The guru.
Bicycle Tutor. Online mech tutorial videos.
Retro Bike Restorations. Very nice blog with details about the owner’s restoration projects. Be sure to check out the PX-10.
Cycles Peugeot. All things Peugeot.
Retro Peugeot. Another good Peugeot site.
Cycles Retro-Peugeot. Still more about Peugeot.
Internet Bike Database.
Vintage Trek. Good database for dating components.
PX-10 History. A good summary of this storied bike.
Classic and Vintage Bike Forums.
Red Kite Prayer. If you cycle, read this.
My Ten Speeds. Collecting and restoring vintage road bikes.
Classic Lightweights UK. Excellent collector’s site.
Bulgier. Incredible resource for bike catalogs and ephemera.
Adventure Cycling. Information for bicycle touring.
Wool Jersey. Nice photo galleries of collector’s vintage bicycles.
Ocean Air Cycles. Bicycles and Gear for Going Places Near and Far Self Propelled With Comfort and Speed.
The Simplicity of Vintage Cycles. Vintage cycles done proper.
National list of bicycle swap meets.
Bike Catalogs. Archive of Schwinn and Raleigh catalogs.
Waterford Bikes. Paramount serial number database.
Waterford Bikes. Great American builder and restoration services.
The Headbadge. A pretty terrific vintage bicycle resource with an excellent Paramount registry.

4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Frank says:

    I have a Raleigh 555sl Team usa road bike from 1984 you might be interested in. Its a large frame 64cm. I’m the guy that traded you that Centurion turbo. Thanks

    • Frank, 64 is probably a little too tall for me but I’d live to take a look at it all the same. The El Torreon Swap is coming up in a couple weeks so that might provide another venue for you. I’m out of town at the moment but feel free to touch base with me later in the week.

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